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No Gagging

SayAhh! is doctor-designed to inhibit gag reflex ensuring exam comfort. 

Observe. Compare. Report via App or Website

You are the first to see important signs. Quickly compare to conditions shown on your guide. Then knowledgably and intellligently report what you see to your health provider.

It Won't Hurt To Look

Safe. Effective. Affordable Health.

The SayAhh! Oral Retractor and application can be your first line of

defense for your loved ones...from the comfort of home.

“Mommy, my throat hurts!”  

Any parent dreads those words. Almost as much as poking inside the sore throat of our unhappy child or family member. But from now on

It won't hurt to look! 


Important Note: If patient can't swallow his/her saliva, or you cannot visualize the throat, or if he/she

is otherwise mentally-impaired or unable to respond, seek emergency room treatment immediately.

Limited Time Only

SayAhh! Home Sore Throat Exam System – Try It! 1¢! (+ S & H)