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App & Guide


The SayAhh! Family Sore Throat Exam System is an

easy-to-reference App and Sore Throat Guide.


You'll be able instantly to observe, compare and report

via a revolutionary shared platform which improves both

communication and outcomes between doctor and patient.


See how the complete SayAhh! System works!

Observe your child's, teenager's or adult's throat easily and accurately with the aid of the scientifically designed SayAhh! Tongue Oral Retractor.


Compare any symptoms or indications you see to the illustrated reference chart and Sore Throat Guide photo gallery via the website and mobile apps.


Report what you see to your health care professional and discuss the best course of action, which may be to stay home to treat the symptoms and stay away from the doctor's office!

See full list of features and specifications:

Observe, Compare and Report

Empower your family with real medical terms and more accurate information to describe what you see with your doctor to get the best treatment plan at home or with further office evaluation as needed.

Click here to view the online guides.

The device helps you see; the app, online guide and quick reference chart helps you understand what you're seeing.


Remember…. It won’t hurt to look™

It Won't Hurt To Look