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I have been a pediatrician for 37 years. The SayAhh! Oral Retractor allows me a much better

exam without frequently gagging my patients. I certainly recommend my patients' parents

to use the SayAhh! Oral Retractor at home.

- Dr. Mark Harris

What Doctors Are Saying

Learn more about how the SayAhh! Family  Sore Throat Exam System can help both you and your physician  take better care of your family.

Follow the link for an easy to print overview of our SayAhh! Sore Throat Exam System.

Most children will experience a sore throat many times while growing up. They are rarely serious, and usually will run their course in a week or so. Still, you don't want to ignore your child's discomfort, and it is always possible that a sore throat actually signals something more serious.


SayAhh! was created to aid you in your first line of defense: your own examination of your child's throat. It is based on the familiar tools doctors have always used for this purpose, but significantly improved and re-engineered by a doctor.  


The SayAhh! Oral Retractor is used and enthusiastically endorsed by pediatricians, family doctors, and pharmacists nationwide.

Why the  

The Difference

We are all familiar with the traditional "tongue blade" oral retractor used by doctors and dentists for oral exams. But despite its common use, the tongue blade has a number of drawbacks.


Directions For Use: 

It is recommended that you replace your SayAhh! at least once a year.


SayAhh! is made of a softer material for comfort and protection. Its gentle curve and retraction ridges relax the tongue while simultaneously providing superior control for an optimized field of view. It minimizes the gag reflex, which greatly improves the comfort and general ease of the subject, an especially important feature for children.


Its shape causes the tongue to curl around it, obstructing vision. It does little or nothing to control saliva; it promotes rather than prevents the natural gag reflex, and there is discomfort associated with a wooden or metal object in your mouth.







In my 32 years as a healthcare provider, SayAhh! is the one product that stands out in my mind as being thoroughly and thoughtfully designed for the general public.

- Dr. Bruce J. Trivellini, DDS

As a physician and parent of a six-year-old, SayAhh! offers a quick and effective way to evaluate my child. The unique design provides access and visualization of the throat that's unheard of for a home exam aid. SayAhh! has been a true revelation!

- K. Alberto Dunn, MD

When your child skins a knee or cuts a finger, it's easy to visualize and decide what to do. Now, with the SayAhh! Oral retractor, you have an easy-to-use instrument to help visualize and evaluate the mouth and throat. Simple to use, SayAhh! is a must for every household.

- Michael Koceja, DDS

Because there are many variations in normal throats, we strongly recommend that you examine your child at a time when you know there is no disease present, to have a clear basis for later comparison.

Have the child open his mouth wide, while holding the tongue as far back as possible- not stuck out - and SayAhh! 

Gently hold the tongue down and view the throat and tonsil areas. Use the normal throat illustration located in our guide for reference, and look for signs shown to the right of those references.

Wash with soap and warm water before and after each use. May be wiped with isopropyl alcohol or soaked in mouthwash. Dishwasher safe (upper rack).

Check out our extensive Sore Throat Guide complete with detailed descriptions of symptoms and indications, and notes on the origin and transmission of diseases and disorders.

Browse the Sore Throat Photo Gallery for quick reference images and symptom information of common mouth and throat maladies.