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The SayAhh! Family Sore Throat Exam System has been based on some of the familiar tools doctors have been using for decades.


Now the new SayAhh! Oral Retractor has significantly improved what used

to be an often frightening, even painful process for children and family.


Thanks to the patented, doctor-designed technology, SayAhh! minimizes

any gag reflex. The proprietary design actually encourages tongue

relaxation as it enhances visibility.

See full list of features and specifications:

Directions For Use:

The gentle curves and ridges provide superior control optimizing the field of view.

Softer material compared to traditional wood tongue depressors.

The patented design also minimizes the gag reflex, improving comfort.

Narrow handle minimizes view obstruction.

It Won't Hurt To Look

It is recommended that you replace your SayAhh! at least once a year.

Have the child open his mouth wide, while holding the tongue as far back as possible- not stuck out - and SayAhh!

Gently hold the tongue down and view the throat and tonsil areas. Use the normal throat illustration located in our guide for reference, and look for signs shown to the right of those references. 

Wash with soap and warm water before and after each use. May be wiped with isopropyl alcohol or soaked in mouthwash. Dishwasher safe (upper rack).

Because there are many variations in normal throats, we strongly recommend that you examine your child at a time when you know there is no disease present, to have a clear basis for later comparison.